VBS Wrapup/Back To the Doctor

The kids really enjoyed Vacation Bible School at our new church this past week. Monkey had so much fun, and from the pictures that JB took the first two nights, Diva had a blast with Ms. S. in the nursery too 🙂 Everything wrapped up last night.

We spent this morning in the pediatrician’s office. We had to give Diva the antibiotic drops last week because her ears were draining. So we are now dealing with a yeast issue that instead of clearing up, seemed to be getting worse. So we got a stronger cream for that. When we got there, I realized she had a rash on her chest, stomach, and back. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before we left home, and I know it wasn’t there last night when I gave her a bath! The doctor said he thought it looked like a heat rash…which makes sense after we were out in the insane heat yesterday at the VBS wrap up, and she did get pretty hot. She’s also been running a low grade temp…the highest she got was earlier at 100.3, but she seems to have broken that. By the way, she finally hit 20 pounds…plus four ounces 🙂


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