JB is now dealing with optic neuritis.

He’s had a headache for a few days now, and yesterday he started having blurry and double vision. He says it seemed to come and go; he called the neurologist, who told him to go home and rest, and let him know if it was no better today. Well, it was slightly worse today and the neuro examined him. When he is looking straight ahead, his vision just gets blurry when he’s trying to read of really focus on something. However, when he moves his eyes to either side, he starts seeing double. The left side is worse. The neuro believes JB is developing optic neuritis.

He has an appointment first thing in the morning with a new eye doctor. He will see the neuro again tomorrow. If his vision is no better then, the next step will likely be IV steroids. He didn’t say, but I’m pretty sure this freaked my needle-phobic husband the heck out. Yes, he has given himself subcutaneous shots every other day since January, and does fairly well with them…but still. I understand that he should be able to do this as an outpatient at the hospital, or we can have a home health nurse visit to give him the meds. Either way, it is no fun. But if it takes this to get JB better then that’s what we have to do.

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