The Diva is One!

One year ago today, our beautiful baby girl was born.

This little girl has wrapped us all around her itty bitty finger. It’s so hard to look into those big brown eyes and tell her no. When she laughs, she wrinkles her nose and her whole face lights up. She has the funniest laugh I’ve ever heard. I love it when she gets sleepy, and she lays her head on my shoulder with one thumb in her mouth and her other hand twirling my hair. She is her Daddy’s girl, and her big brother absolutely adores her. I can’t imagine life without this precious little girl.

We had her party this afternoon, here at home. Ladybugs! It was actually pretty stormy weather so a few of the kids didn’t make it here. But all our family came, and they are the ones I wanted here for our daughter’s big day.

While she napped, we blew up bunches of balloons and hung streamers everywhere. She was amazed by it all when I got her up! And then there were all those people in her house, and a whole cake with her name on it, just for her to smoosh up and eat…it was just too much! She just stuck fingers in the cake at first, and after a few minutes she turned and got a big chunk of icing on her elbow…then she just dug her hand in the cake and smooshed it to her mouth. We were all laughing, and she really hammed it up then. We had to give her another bath just to get the cake off.

Then she opened presents. Well, she mostly ripped tissue paper while Daddy opened presents. Her eyes lit up with every toy she was given (two different Peek-A-Block toys, Learning Pots & Pans, Little People Carousel, Baby Tad, and her Cabbage Patch doll) but she went nuts over all the clothes she was given! That’s my girl 🙂 She got several adorable dresses, and a few shorts sets, and her first pair of flip-flops. She just threw her arms up in the air and yelled “AAAHHH!”

She also decided her birthday was the perfect time to become an official walker!! She didn’t do it until well after the party was over and everyone was gone. But she has been toddling all around the room all night long. She is still a little wobbly and still plops down to the floor a lot, but she can make it all the way across the living room most of the time.
She has pretty much worn herself out, and both kids are snoozing away right now. Its been a long, crazy, but wonderfully happy day.

Diva's 1st birthday


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