Pre-K and Daycare

This morning, we took Monkey to his orientation for his Pre-K class. To start with everyone congregated in the school cafeteria, while the director went over all the basics. Then we all herded down the Pre-K hall and looked for the kids specific rooms. He is in room 3, and his teacher seems to be a very nice lady. He says she’s pretty too 🙂 He already knows a couple kids in his class; his best friend from daycare, and a little girl whose twin brother is in another class (this is the first time they’ve been separated!). He seemed to enjoy exploring the classroom, and he’s excited to go back tomorrow.

Yesterday was the kids’ last day at the daycare. I haven’t mentioned it much here, but we made the decision at least a month ago to remove the kids from the daycare, and we had various reasons to do so. Our decision was cemented primarily by Diva and the issues we have had to deal with over the last several months. Fortunately, the timing is right and we have another option available to us. This year, Monkey and both our nephews will be in school all day. My mother-in-law has agreed to keep our daughter and pick our son up from school on the days that I work. We both feel that she will be in a much better place and will be very well cared for (and probably spoiled a bit too 🙂

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