Pre-K rocks!

Monkey had a wonderful first day at Pre-K! He loved his teacher, and the main thing he talked about was what they ate! He mentioned making a volcano…I’m still not quite sure what that’s about. JB took the day off, and we all took him to school. Yeah, it was probably easy to tell we were first time school parents, but we weren’t the only ones 🙂 I missed my little boy so much, and I know his sister did too.

I was itching to go pick him up, but JB made us wait until 2:30 pm. Good thing, because we (and all the other Pre-K parents) ended up waiting until at least 3 pm, outside in the heat, while they got the kids all lined up. Monkey and his best friend came out together, and they were both just jabbering about how much fun they had. He had his little green apple (with his name, teacher, and room number on it) pinned to his shirt, and he had a folded up paper around his wrist, with the ends stapled together…it was a permission slip for him to go on field trips. Cute idea, I guess that way they make sure the parents see the papers 😉

Diva took her first real steps on her own the evening of her birthday. Well, she’s getting better and better at walking every day. I used to complain that she wouldn’t let me leave the room for anything…now we are having to watch her like a hawk. I turn my back and she’s gone…I usually find her in either my bedroom, desperately trying to pull things off the shelf, or in the bathroom playing in the toilet or trying to climb in the bathtub. I’m trying to get it through to Monkey to put down the lid when he’s done at least, but I’ve asked him to just shut the bathroom door when he comes out. He usually forgets, and I don’t realize it until I hear little splashes of water. Eww…

Seemed like I had so much more I wanted to write here, but now that I have found a few minutes to spare I can’t think of a thing.

Pre-K: First Day


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