Checkup and Sleepover

Busy, busy day. And it’s not nearly over yet!

This morning, I got Monkey off to school, and then Diva and I headed for the pediatrician’s office for her one year checkup. Surprisingly, we were the doctor’s very first appointment, even though she wasn’t scheduled until 9:15 am, so we got right in. She weighs 21 pounds, and she is 28 1/4 inches tall…this is 25th percentile for height, 50th for weight. He was happy with this. Her hemoglobin was a little down today, around 11; he said he likes it to be at least 12. He asked me to to decrease her milk intake, after I told how many sippy cups of milk she usually drinks in a day (at least 4). He thinks this may be why she tends to be a little constipated these days. I guess it never occurred to me that she was getting too much milk; she will only drink water when she figures out that I’m not giving her anything else, and I try to limit the juice as much as possible. And then came the shots…oh, it just breaks my heart every time I have to go through this with my babies. But she perked up a bit by the time we got to Daddy’s office across town.

I then went to the store, to pick up a few things for the boys. Our nephews will be spending tonight and most of tomorrow with us. All my son can talk about is sleeping in his tent in the living room with his cousins. I got several coloring books, Nemo, Spongebob, Bob the Builder. I also picked up a few movies for them to watch over the next couple days, because I think the weather is going to be crappy. Lemony Snicket, a Scooby Doo movie, a Teen Titans video, and uh, The Notebook for Auntie Stacey 😉 I also got some stuff to make everybody breakfast in the morning.

Now I have to wake up my poor baby, who fat little legs are probably still sore from her shots, and go get my big guy from his school.

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