Bump on the head

Monkey had to be picked up from school early yesterday, for the first time. I was changing Diva after she woke up from her nap when I heard the phone ring. Normally, it’s just Daddy checking in to see how our day is going, so I figured he’d leave a message. When I checked the machine, there was no message, and I didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID.

Maybe five minutes later, MIL called…Monkey’s teacher was the one trying to call. She wanted to let me know that he had fallen on one of the playground toys and had a large knot on the back of his head. She thought he would be fine, but if somebody wanted to come down and check on him it would be alright. Since I had my daughter, MIL went to the school. By the time she got there, he had started crying again and saying that his head hurt, so she brought him home to me.

Well, he does have a good knot on the back of his head, but I kept ice on it as much as he would let me. He really acted fine the rest of the day, and said it just hurt a little bit. He took a good nap, and was raring to go to Mema’s house to give her birthday cards in the afternoon. He apparently felt wonderful when he put in to “spend” with Mema and Grandaddy, coming home with me just long enough to throw some clothes and his toothbrush in his overnight bag.


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