Saving the world, and all that.

Heard this morning, as Monkey was getting out of our bed (this has become his thing, jump in the bed with us on weekend mornings) to go get breakfast:

“Bye, Mama! I gotta go save the world.”

Diva’s habit of sucking her thumb when she’s sleepy has turned into her sucking her thumb all the time just for the heck of it. She’s sucked that right thumb so much that she has had a yucky blister on it for a solid week. It’s red and a little swollen, but of course it’s never going to heal if she keeps aggravating it. So I did what my mother did to me as a child who sucked my fingers (mine were the middle two fingers on my right hand). I put a sock on her hand. It thoroughly pissed her off, but it temporarily solved the problem. She hasn’t figured out yet that she can just pull the sock off her hand…


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