Barkin’ Mad

We’ve all had the never ending cold this week.

Well, Diva had started to get better, and Wednesday there was no snot to be seen! (At least not from her.) Thursday, the runny nose started again, but that was it.

This morning, I laid awake in the bed, and I heard her bark through the monitor. Yes, BARK. If you have ever had a child with croup, you know exactly what I am talking about…that cough that just doesn’t sound like any other cough. I knew we would be sitting in the doctor’s office sometime today. My son had croup when he was a baby, and it came on so suddenly I was scared to death. I wasn’t about to let her get as bad as he was. Especially not with her history of asthma and respiratory issues.

I got Monkey off to school, and immediately after getting back home, I gave Diva one of her nebulizers. I didn’t really know if it would help, but she sounded so awful. When she was finished, I let her eat breakfast while I cleaned up the kitchen. At 8:35 am, I called the doctor’s office and amazingly got through the first time I tried the number. I made a sick appointment for 9:30, and after throwing a few things to entertain her in a bag, we left.

It’s about a twenty minute drive. At least twelve of those minutes I heard nothing but hoarse screeching. Sure enough, she’s got croup…but also a touch of early bronchitis. We came home with Zithromax, Orapred, and Diflucan (which I asked for, just in case the yeast infection from hell comes back after the antibiotics.) He also said the kind of nebulizer she’s on (Pulmicort) might help too, so we’ll do that twice a day.

She’s sleeping now. I hope she gets a decent nap in, because I know once Monkey gets home there will be no peace.


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