New hobby and Punkin Patch

We got up yesterday morning, drove downtown and found a parking space, and met up with my parents and several of our friends to watch the local parade. This wasn’t Diva’s first one, technically. But last year she slept through the whole thing, so this was the first time she really got to see everything. She had a blast. Someone in the parade was handing out little American flags, and as soon as he gave one to her, she started waving it all over the place. She waved at all the people, she danced when the marching band came through. Monkey mostly covered his ears when the firetrucks, ‘police cops’, motorcycles, and go-carts drove by. Oh, and he scooped up a ton of candy…lots of Tootsie Rolls, his favorite.

We came home with the intention of eating lunch and letting Diva get in a bit of a nap. We planned to head off around 1 pm to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. Well, at 12:45, JB was snoozing in his recliner, and Diva was still sleeping…so I let them sleep. We left for the pumpkin patch around 3 pm. The kids had so much fun there. We all went on a hayride, strolled through tall sunflowers, and picked our own pumpkin to take home. This was our first time going, and I think it might become a yearly event!

Jump Into Fall Jump Into Fall

Last night, JB and Monkey spent two hours in the kitchen, drawing faces for the pumpkin on paper. Finally, they brought three different faces to me to choose, and then JB painted that one on the pumpkin. Monkey was so excited about his pumpkin…it only took him an hour to pick it out in the patch!
My latest obsession?

Digital scrapbooking. I have been at this most of the day, and spent a while on it Friday and last night, too! I had tried my hand at it a while back, using a scrapbook program JB got me last year. I could not for the life of me make anything look good, and I gave up.

I have been slowly learning my way around Photoshop over the last several months. I really can’t remember how I ended up there, but I was viewing a digital scrapbooking gallery…and one of the ladies there said she used Photoshop to do it. So I tried it, and I am completely hooked. The layout I made last night is really a copy of a layout I saw online, just to see if I could do it. It just looks so cute.

I never get to work on my traditional paper scrapbooks, because 1) I don’t have the time to drag everything out. 2) I don’t have a good place to work on it. 3) I can’t afford to buy a whole lot of the stuff I want to make my pages nice. 4) My daughter. YOU try to do anything worthwhile with that kid around! The good things about digital scrapbooks…it’s cheaper, I can do more, and I can sometimes do it one handed while my daughter is sitting in my lap. She only wants to sit with me while I am in the computer chair, because it rocks. I spend a lot of time in this chair, whether I’m using the computer or not!


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