I haven’t mentioned Halloween! The kids had fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home from work until 8 pm, so I didn’t get to see them trick or treating. I met them at my parents’ house so they could see the kids in their costumes, and we went to my in-law’s house for the usual chili.

Monkey was being a pill most of the night, and I managed to get maybe two decent pictures of him period. Diva was adorable and lapping up everyone’s attention, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself all night long. We got home that night, dumped all the candy out on the living room floor…and threw away probably a third of it, set aside another third for JB to eat. There are just certain things that I prefer Monkey not eat…mostly things like Lifesavers (he did suck one down his throat and it got stuck a few months back). We set aside a couple packs of Smarties for Diva…she loves them. Either way, we still have a ton of candy.

Halloween: Cyborg Halloween: Little Leopard


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