Not what I expected

Yeah, I only thought Diva was going to have a WELL checkup for the first time ever yesterday. I should have known it wouldn’t turn out that way.

She’s not sick or anything. She got her 15 month shots, and she also got the first dose of the flu vaccine. Her hemoglobin was 12.8, so that’s much better. She’s somewhere around 22 pounds…I can’t find the stupid paper the nurse wrote it on. I kind of tuned her out after she stretched my baby’s legs out to measure her height.

She asked me if one of her legs is shorter than the other one. Um. Not that I have ever noticed, of course I don’t routinely stretch her legs out to look. She said it could have just been the way she was looking at her, but told me to mention it to the doctor.

I did mention it, and that we’ve noticed she is rather pigeon toed when she walks. He didn’t think one leg was shorter than the other, but he had her walk barefoot across the room. He says her right foot turns in about 40 degrees, and that it is significant enough to need correction. It is probably related to her sitting on her leg (which I am constantly pulling out from under her) and sleeping on her tummy with her bottom in the air (which she does every single night).

Okay, so we get to work on correcting it, I thought. Honestly, I was expecting some of those hard, high top shoes like I had to wear when I was a baby. Oh, no. He wants her to be fitted for SPLINTS. The kind with a freaking bar. Thankfully, she would only have to wear them when she sleeps. He admitted that she may have trouble adjusting to them and even wrote a prescription for a sedative for her the first few nights we use the splints. This is something that may or may not be covered by insurance, but he knows its fairly expensive. He asked if I wanted to do this, but the only other option he gave me was referring her to an orthopedic doctor, and he really couldn’t tell me what they might do.


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