Glad that’s over!

Diva’s appointment with the orthopedic doctor is this afternoon. I’m getting a bit nervous about this. I was so sure when we were given the appointment that it wouldn’t be a big deal, because I didn’t see her turning her foot in as much. Naturally, the last few days I’ve seen her turning both feet in so many times. I have no idea what this doctor may tell us today, but I’m praying it isn’t that those splints with the bar between her feet is the answer.
We were running late to the orthopedic appointment…my fault, I just kept procrastinating because I didn’t want to go. I was a nervous wreck by the time we were called back. Today of all days, she chose to be a complete klutz and she kept falling and running into everything. I laughed and told JB that she acted like she really DID need to see this doctor after all.

He had us take her shoes and jeans off, and let me put her on the floor and get her to walk to me. Which she happily did, and let me tell you, she thought this guy was hilarious. He said she definitely turns her feet inward, he called it internal tibial torsion, and could be due to a range of things, from the way she was positioned in utero to her sitting on her feet. Everything else looks fine. He doesn’t think that she has a problem that necessarily needs to be corrected now…that she will eventually grow out of it. He also said that at her age, the splints that her pediatrician wanted to put her in would actually be more of a battle than it’s worth. It was nice to hear him put into words the one thing I feared about going ahead with those splints. He said at this time, he would prefer to just watch and see…but if she gets a little older and we don’t think it is any better, then he would look into some corrective shoes.

As soon as he said all this, I felt a huge weight lift off my chest. I have been dreading this afternoon, because I was so afraid he was going to tell us that she needed those splints. It was such a relief when we left the office today. We went straight to Monkey’s school and picked him up, and then she crashed as soon as we got home. I think maybe that’s why she was being such a klutz today…she didn’t sleep well last night (she’s got a cold) and she was exhausted.


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