Volcano Shots

A ‘volcano’ came through our town today. For anyone who doesn’t speak 4 year old, that would be a tornado.

Diva’s favorite piece of her brother’s pretend doctor kit is the little shot. She loves to walk around, give people shots, and tell them “Ow.”

I was almost knocked out earlier by the showerhead. Apparently, it is broken. I always take it down to rinse my hair, and I blindly put it back up in the holder. A second later, I felt something slam into my head. Well, damn. That hurt.

I tried to make an appointment for the kids’ flu shots (Monkey’s first, Diva’s second half). That’s a no go. They are completely out, and stated they won’t be getting any more. But I should take comfort in the fact that one of my children is partially protected. Uh, yeah right.


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