Rolls and Crib Slats

I guess this is one time that I’m not happy that my babies have always been so fat.

Our son was a fat baby. Our daughter is a fat baby, although she is slimming up quite a bit. She still has what I like to call “thunder thighs”…lol. I love all those little fat rolls on her legs.

I went to the grocery store this morning, with NO KIDS!!! JB kept them home for me. When I got home, Diva was already napping. I had just finished the last bite of my lunch when I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs. JB’s legs are still bothering him some, so he was slow to get up…I bolted to her room, and saw one leg stuck through the crib slats, and she was laying on her back crying. I really didn’t think much of it, I figured if she got it through there, it should come out just as easily, right?

WRONG. I don’t know how she got that fat leg through those crib slats, but she was literally stuck, from above the knee! I couldn’t get her out, and called for JB to help me. He ended up trying to pull the slats as far apart (which wasn’t very far) as he could while I wiggled her leg out. It took some doing, but we got her unstuck…took a while to get her calmed back down.

Monkey slept in this crib for two years. She’s been in it for 18 months. This has NEVER happened to us before!


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