My little charmer

At about this time exactly five years ago, I was a feverish, exhausted mess.

I was so sure that I couldn’t do it, that they were just going to have to surgically remove the little being that would not come out from my stomach. Well, the doctor and the nurse weren’t so sure that I couldn’t do it, and they let me labor another three hours. Well, finally, at 11:46 am on February 10, 2001…our son graced us with his screeching presence and our lives were forever changed. I didn’t sleep that whole night. I just kept staring at this little person, completely amazed. He was so incredibly beautiful.

And five years later, that beautifully red, screaming, fat little bundle of joy is now a slim, always growing taller, sweet little boy. He is a handsome little charmer. He has always been so thoughtful and kind. I have adored every single minute that I have been blessed to have with him.

My Son


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