Seeing Stars

I don’t remember mentioning it here, but we decided to change pediatricians. Let’s just say we have a difference of opinion, and over the last several months I haven’t been altogether happy with the ped that we have seen over the last five years.

The appointment with the new pediatrician went well this morning. The kids absolutely loved him…even Diva! She never really seemed to warm up to the ped we had been seeing. VERY different than what we are used to. But it was all good. For starters, there is no making the kid sit up on the papered table. He prefers to let the child sit on the parent’s lap as much as possible, to make the child more at ease. This worked so well! He also doesn’t give shots in the exam room…he finishes up the exam and then the nurse takes you to the treatment room for shots; that way the kid doesn’t associate the exam room with shots, when he doesn’t always have to get them. Diva had gotten to the point where laying her back on the table made her go nuts…I guess that’s why. He let her just prance around the room, watched them both play together…it was just a much more relaxed atmosphere than with the other doctor. And he actually looks at those Denver developmental pages I have to fill out for the kids.

Diva: Our little chunk is slimming up nicely. She weighs 22 lbs, 14 oz. (25th percentile). She is now 30.5 inches tall (20th percentile). The sheet that he gave me with all the stuff she should be doing at this age mostly fits her…except the “Uses spoon” part. She only uses that to fling food across the kitchen 😉 Her hemoglobin was 11.7, and he said that was okay. He gave me a sheet on potty training…but advised me not to push it until she was ready. She seems to be doing everything she is supposed to be doing at this age.

Monkey: Our little monkey now weighs 38 pounds…man, I knew he was getting heavy! He is 41.5 inches tall. He’s 25th percentile for everything…pretty proportional kid! His BP was 92/58 (I suppose that’s good for a 5 year old? He didn’t say it wasn’t!) and his hemoglobin was 12.7. His has always been great, it’s his sister’s we have worried about. I’m just now reading his 5 year sheet…it says “good appetite, except for breakfast.” That’s the total opposite of my son…breakfast is the ONE meal he will eat all of. He got the vision/dental exam done, he knows his ABC’s by sight, and knows much more than 4 colors. He got his 3 shots (MMR, IPV, DTP) during which I was so thankful JB was there for. You’d think after 5 years of this parenting gig, I’d get used to my babies getting shots…but I haven’t so far! The other nurse walked Diva around the office while her brother got the shots.

But of course, we can’t leave a doctor’s office without some issue. The ped turned off the lights, and checked the kids’ eyes. When he had finished looking at Monkey’s eyes, he handed me the light scope (the name of that thing has totally escaped me), but he started talking about something with JB before he explained why he handed it to me. Finally, he told me to look through it at my son’s eyes. I really don’t know how to explain it…but I think the gist of it is that his eyes may not be really “working together”, and he wants him to be checked by an opthamalogist. He says that if this isn’t taken care of, Monkey could possibly develop “functional blindness” in the one eye that’s in question. I’m quoting things because that’s what I heard…the conversation was scattered. What I saw when I looked through the scope at my son’s eyes…one eye has less of a red-eye reflex than the other. When I realized that was what he wanted to refer him to an eye doctor for, I remembered so many pictures that I took of him (before I used a digital camera) that his eyes looked strange in…one eye red, the other one half red/half white. I got really nervous thinking about all those talk shows I have seen when a child had some sort of tumor in the eye…I think he knew that’s what I was thinking because he said that wasn’t it! He even looked at JB’s eyes…his eyes do the same thing. The good news there is that obviously, JB is not functionally blind in one eye. I really have no idea how to go about looking up information on this like I usually do…I heard that about the red eye reflex, I heard something about strabismus, nystagmus, the muscles might not be aligned just right. I don’t know! Too many words! I do know that my son doesn’t seem to have a problem with vision. I don’t see him squinting or anything like that. I have heard him several times tell me his eyes are “burning”, but he’s always been rubbing them when he says it so I figured he was just tired.

After leaving the doctor’s office, I went to the pharmacy to pick up some medications for JB, then I stopped by Mama’s work to let the kids see her a while. By the time I got home, the nurse had called and left a message about an appointment with the eye doc for March 3. It was only a couple hours ago that I realized that I don’t remember adding him to my vision insurance yet…uh oh.


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