This house needs to be degerminated. NOW.

JB came home from work early Friday. I think it was around lunchtime. I’m not sure, because I had put Diva down for a nap and I took one myself. He said he knew I didn’t feel good, so when she woke up he took her to his mom’s house and asked her to pick Monkeyup from school.

JB went to the doctor’s office. The reason he came home early was because he had a severely sore throat. The verdict is that he has strep throat. He got a shot of antibiotic and a prescription for 10 days of a major dose of antibiotic. I am avoiding him like he has the plague, and trying to keep the kids away from him as much as possible.

Diva is still sick, but strangely enough, acting like she feels fine most of the time. That tight cough she had Friday has become a lot more loose. I can tell sometimes she coughs something up, but of course I can’t make her understand not to swallow it back down. She’s getting Robitussin around the clock, Pulmicort/Albuterol twice a day and Accu-Neb in between. I have pretty much ruled this out as asthma related (she’s not wheezing at all)…so I wonder if the nebulizers might be a bit overkill, but every time she finishes one she coughs a good bit and she doesn’t sound so junky. She has not run any fever. She’s slept very soundly for several hours and I haven’t heard any coughing for quite some time. I have to work Monday, and I really can’t afford to call out right now…so if she’s no better by then JB will take her to the doctor.

Wheezy Girl


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