That rat named Chuck

Well, Diva was much better today (but still getting her into the doctor tomorrow just in case). JB even felt fine today. So we all went to that madhouse with a singing rat called Chuck E. for the birthday party. Whoa. There’s a reason I’ve never been brave enough to go in there, and it will be a LONG time before I go back. Kids. Are. Crazy!

But they had fun and that’s what matters. Monkey played almost every game and got on almost every ride, and racked up 182 points for stuff…he chose a brightly colored slinky and a bracelet for his sister (Aw…too bad I can’t seem to find it right now…) Diva (with the help of her mom) is a Skee ball queen. She loves playing it, and now my back is aching from leaning over to help her.

Maybe we will take them back one of these days. Eventually…

Chuck Cheese


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