There are some things I just can’t handle.

It’s not enough that we have a baby who’s coughing, hacking, running fever.

I was up at 2 am, after Monkey woke me up saying his stomach hurt. He sat on the potty for a while, while I nodded back off. Apparently nothing happened, because he came back to me and said he was okay. I went to the kitchen to get him some of ‘the pink stuff’ thinking it might settle his stomach. When I got back, he was standing just inside the bathroom, facing out, holding his stomach…he had just thrown up all over the bathroom floor.

We were kind of at a standstill for a moment…he couldn’t get out of the bathroom, and I couldn’t get in. He was too far away for me to pick him up and lift him over. OMG I was going to have to clean it up! Not that I would have just left it there, of course, its just that my husband usually does Vomit Patrol. Sad, isn’t it…I can handle blood, poop, baby spit up, and about anything else you can throw my way on a daily basis…but one of my own kids puke and I’m heaving and gagging right along with them.

It took me almost half an hour to clean the floor enough so he could slide out. He laid down on the couch a while as I continued to clean and gag, clean and gag. When I finished that, I got him settled back into bed…he told me his stomach felt much better so I guess something just wasn’t agreeing with him. He never did it again, anyway. So at 3 am, I was scrubbing his bathroom floor with Pine Sol.

JB thankfully let me and Diva “sleep” this morning. He must have seen the old hospital pan on towels by Monkey’s bed, the mop and empty bucket still in the kitchen, all the stuff I was too tired to put away, and figured out that something had happened. I was awake, but I felt like my eyes were glued shut. Monkey had a field trip this morning, and wanted to head on in to school. I just hope he makes it through the day.


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