What’s Going On?

I really hope this isn’t just the second round of the germies going around our family.

I was working on a scrapbook page (admittedly later than I should have been awake to start with), and was getting ready to save it and head to bed. I heard what sounded like laughing coming from the back of the house. I knew it wasn’t Diva because it was too loud…her door is always closed when she sleeps. I figured it was Monkey, he is just like me, a night owl…so I thought he’d just gotten out of bed and was playing. Anyway, I turned the TV off, saved my page, and started walking down the hallway.

I heard the noise again, and it definitely was NOT laughter. Monkey was crying…but it wasn’t his usual type of cry. It literally sounded like he was terrified of something. I cracked open his door, and called his name. No answer. Okay, he thinks if he doesn’t say anything, I won’t know he’s awake…he’s pulled that one on me before. I called him again…all I got in return was a scared little whimper. I flipped on the hall light, and see that he is really asleep. I sat on his bed, he is crying and muttering something about people chasing him. He rambled on and on for five minutes before I managed to wake him up. I’m talking this kid was hallucinating! Once I calmed him down and he was sure that it was all just a bad dream, I realized that his skin was on fire.

He had felt a little warm to me before he went to bed, but with all the time he spent outside today (at T-ball and then helping his Daddy) I thought it was just because he got a little bit sunburned. After all, he was playing and cutting up, and he didn’t seem to feel bad. Well, he was a lot more than a little warm now…his temp was 102. I gave him some tylenol, and brought him to bed with me…so he wouldn’t have to be afraid of dreaming about being chased again.
He laid curled up next to me, and I had one hand on the side of his face, and my cheek resting on his head. I was nowhere near asleep…but he just didn’t seem to be cooling off at all. I checked his temp again, almost an hour after tylenol, and it was 103.8. Holy Crap. I know fevers can go higher than that, and I have seen it happen many times at work…but NOT IN MY KID. That’s when I started inwardly freaking out, afraid he’s about to have a seizure or something.

I ran a tub of tepid water, persuaded him into getting in. I sponged him off for at least 45 minutes, checking his temp often. I let him get out when the temp came down to 101.9…by then the water was making me cold and I was just sponging him off! He was smiling a bit then too, so I knew he was feeling at least a smidge better.

Right now, he is camped out on the couch. I just checked again, he’s at 101.2. In a few minutes, I’m going to give him some Motrin…that always worked much better on him. I guess I’ll sack out in the living room too, I want to be close by if his fever shoots up again (and he starts hallucinating again!)

He swears that nothing hurts…no tummy ache, no sore throat, he’s not snotty, no coughing…nothing. Just this high fever. I knew he was probably outside a little too long today, but can this fever be a result of that?
Still hot…both the weather and the kid. Not long after the last entry, I gave him some motrin, checked his temp one more time (100.5) and we both curled up at opposite ends of the couch to sleep. He slept fine all night. No bad people chasing him.

He acted like he felt alright this morning…but his skin was still hot. 102.4. Geez. In goes Motrin. That was about two hours ago…last check was 100.2. He still says that nothing hurts, but I don’t see how this continued fever can be related to yesterday’s heat. He is saying he’s sleepy now; I guess I’ll give him some tylenol and let him sleep a bit.
Finally…his last temp was 98.8. Right now, he’s laying on the couch watching Lady & The Tramp scratch that, he just fell asleep! He’s due for more tylenol in a half hour. It’s just so strange…he has nothing else going on. Just fever. What the heck is this??
He’s in bed now, after a dose of motrin. Two hours before that he got tylenol. His temp was still 100.2 when he went to bed! I really have no idea what is wrong. He has no other symptoms of anything!

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