Much too young to feel so old!

Nurses Gone Wild

I feel so old right now. I got home from the beach Sunday, and I am still completely exhausted. I had to work Monday and Tuesday, which really didn’t help the exhaustion. I’m off today, but I still have to unpack my bags and do laundry and take care of the little Diva. It never ends. Anyway…while she is entertaining herself watching Disney channel and figuring out how to take her shirt off (her new thing), I’ll start writing about our trip to the beach. Might take a while, and feel free to skip over it if you want.

I got off work Thursday, and went to the store for my part of the food for the trip. While I was there, I also remembered that I needed a beach towel, a beach bag (surprisingly, even with all my bags not one is for the beach!), and sunscreen (which I never found…stupid store remodel).

As soon as I got home, I rushed around washing clothes, packing my bags, last minute stuff. I never ate supper, and went to bed around 1 am. The next morning, JB took the kids to school/his mom’s house, and I headed for S.’s house. The plan was to leave my Jeep there, and we would drive to her in-law’s house an hour away to drop her daughter off, meet up with the others, and then go to Panama City. Let me just say though, that I HATE her neighborhood. Lovely brick houses wherever you look, pretty little streets with cute names. BUT! I have zero sense of direction, Yahoo! maps suck, and all the brick houses look very similar to the one next to it. Once I finally found the one I was looking for, S. and I loaded up her car, and headed out.

We met up with the others, left S.’s car at her in-law’s, and then it was off to PC. There were six of us…two other girls were taking another car, and another girl had a child issue and was just meeting us at the beach later. We got to the beach around 1 pm. I was so ready to get out of that truck!


  • Lunch at Hooters…B.’s one request. We took pictures with the camera phones and sent them to people at work…how terrible is that?
  • Alvin’s Island…the big one. M. and I got cover ups. I got a pink and blue toe ring. I went ahead an got the kids some T-shirts…Monkey’s is like a Superman kind of thing, and it says “Daddy is my hero”. Diva’s says “I didn’t ask to be a princess, but if the crown fits…” HA HA.
  • Laid out on the beach for a couple hours. It really wasn’t too hot, and nobody got burned (that day.)
  • Mad scramble for showers…nine women, three bathrooms…fun fun.
  • Dinner at The Boatyard. Amazingly, K. met up with somebody from home, who apparently had more money than he knew what to do with…because he bought all nine of us drinks.
  • Half of us went back to the condo (me included). The other half went to Spinnaker.

Day One


  • Stormy weather woke some of us up. One huge clap of thunder made me, A., and K. all sit straight up in bed and then we were wide awake. B., B., and M.were already up. S. woke up soon after. D. was the late riser, ate breakfast, and went back to bed.
  • A. and S. regaled us with their impressions of the old dude dancing in the Groove Room at Spinnaker. I didn’t know galloping was a dance move…
  • Skies were clear by lunch, by which time some of us were already a bit toasty. We rented some of the beach chairs, parked the cooler, cranked up the radio, and soaked up the sun…some of us more than others. (my shoulders are still red)
  • We went to dinner at Schooners. This was the band we listened to while we were there.
  • Back at the condo, we drank Cosmopolitans and watched the videos that M. had shot so far. We sat around for a long time trying to decide what to do that night.
  • Back to Spinnaker. First place we went was the Groove Room…old dude was there again. Pretty funny. Girl watching herself dancing in the mirror looked curiously like she had a…well, nevermind, that would be too hard to explain…
  • Not too much happening there, so we decided to watch the band instead. I’m glad we did…they rocked. Played EVERYthing! Between them and the $1 beers, we all had a lot of fun. Forgot to get one the CDs before we left, so I’ll have to check into getting it.
  • Once Tom, the singer, found out that we were all nurses from Georgia, he would announce it ever so often…say something about the Peaches from Georgia, the nurses gone wild, etc.
  • We didn’t leave until almost 3 am. The band was good, but I was so tired. Finally, everybody agreed to leave…we really didn’t want to split up again.

Life's a Beach


  • Checkout time was 10 am. We all woke up way too early after a late night, and got started packing. Loaded up all the vehicles with our stuff with a few minutes to spare. K. had a sick child at home, so she left soon after.
  • Most of the girls wanted to lay out on the beach again. My shoulders were already quite red and I really didn’t want to…lucky for me, A. didn’t either. So the two of us took the truck and shopped for a while.
  • D. and S. were on the beach a very short time, and then headed home. The others called me and A. when they were ready to get lunch before getting back on the road about 1 pm.
  • Pineapple Willy’s for lunch, just the six of us.

Homeward Bound

Then we hit the road. I was stuck in the backseat again, so I dug out my pillow and dozed off a while. We finally got to S.’s in-laws’ house, picked up her daughter, and then I rode with her to her house to get my Jeep.

I flew all the way home. The trip was fun, but I was ready to get back to my family. I had all these visions of coming home, playing with my babies…the reality was, I got home at 7 pm, ate a quick supper, and then crashed on the couch…with my babies.

They are already planning the next trip! It may be a while before I can do it all again. I’m still recovering days later.


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