Busy School Week

This week has been filled with school stuff.

I worked Monday, but by the end of the day, our end only had like 7 patients. I knew Monkey’s school was having some things going on Tuesday that I figured I wouldn’t make it to…so I asked to be called out if I wasn’t needed. Got the call at 5 am, so I was able to go on the tour of the new school that he will go to next year with his class. That place is huge. Hallways jutting off at different angles, “street” signs everywhere, mailboxes outside every classroom…it was all a jumble to me. I just know he will be either on Watermelon Way or Balloon Boulevard, so I guess if I have to go there for anything I’ll just follow the street signs! Too bad I have such a crappy sense of direction. The school is beautiful, inside and out. It was just built 10 years ago. The playground is nice, but what I loved was the Lamb’s Yard, which has all kinds of gardens, butterflies, memory, etc..it was so pretty.

Last night, we dropped Diva off with my parents, and went to his school for a workshop on what to expect from Kindergarten, and they also gave us his Kindergarten test results. Can’t pick teachers this year…doesn’t much matter, because I only know one of them and I don’t know her all that well. We got brochures telling us everything that our child should know and be doing by the end of Kindergarten. We got a summer calendar with books to read and activities to do to get him ready. His test results were 97 (out of 100), which I thought was wonderful. The developmental age result, though, I have to call her about today. She said there were several mistakes, our child’s being one of them…it says he’s the developmental equivalent of a 4 year old in the 11th month. M’kay…but he’s not four. She told me to call her this morning, and she’d figure up the correct result…I left a message for her this morning.

This morning’s field trip was to the library. I had not planned to go, but Monkey made a comment last night that “nobody ever comes on my field trips.” I wanted to point out to him that Daddy works everyday, and most of the trips are scheduled on days that I have to work, and other trips aren’t the ones that parents can go on anyway. But I didn’t. I called and asked if Papa could watch Diva for a bit so I could go to the library with his class today. They toured the whole library, learned all about the kids section, how to check out books, and then they had two books read to them. You know what? The kid barely said a word to me the whole time. He would look at me, sometimes give me a smile, or a little wave…but otherwise, nada. Guess he just wanted to know I was there.

Friday is the Pre-K’s field day. So I guess Nanny and I will just trade off with Diva that day. I hope she does okay. I’m always nervous when I’m out in public with her…I never know how she will act. I had to take her out of the gym three times yesterday morning at the start of the new school tour because she was acting up. Then she latched on to Monkey’s teacher and wanted nothing further to do with me! I think she gets bored with just Mommy all day.

Now. Please excuse me while I try to pull myself back together…I’m still stunned that I have a soon-to-be kindergarten student.


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