Field Day

Yesterday was Monkey’s field day at school. JB decided to take the morning off, and go with us. We traded Diva off ever so often, until about 10 am when she was just not having any part of either of us. JB took her home, and they came back for me at 12 when everything was over.

Monkey had fun…mostly. He was one of the last two kids when they played musical chairs. He got his face painted. The kids played in one of those giant jump castles…he and his best friend had a run-in, but they were soon over it. They played all sorts of games, had some story time in the shade, played “beach volleyball”. By the last few events, he was hot and tired, and very whiny. Several parents were checking the kids out early when field day was over…so I did too. JB went on to work, and both kids slept for two hours when we got home.

Field Day

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