Pool Ladder Wars

We went to the birthday party for the daughter of on old friend of mine yesterday. It was a pool party, by the way. Monkey got decked out in his swim shorts (with lots and lots of sunscreen for my fair skinned boy) and Diva got dolled up in her swimsuit with a pair of Little Swimmers pants underneath. Both kids got floaties on their arms, and my son jumped in the water and never looked back. Diva preferred to sit on the side of the pool for a while, occasionally letting me dip her in and coming back out. That went on for maybe half an hour, when she finally slid in the water and started propelling herself away from me with her legs. She would never get too far from the side of the pool, so I could always reach her if I needed to…but she loves the water and was perfectly content floating around.

And then Zack showed up. He is a few months older than our daughter. This was their first meeting, and they did NOT like each other. He would holler some baby talk at her, and for a while she ignored him; eventually, though, she started yelling something back at him. Then they started fighting over the pool ladder. Apparently, Zack wanted to be Ruler of the Ladder, and Diva was having no part of it. Zack’s mom and I would pull them apart, send them to opposite sides of the pool, and all would be well for about fifteen minutes. Then the Ladder War began again, and Diva pushed Zack in the water…all heck broke loose as Zack was screaming, but he had arm floaties on so no real harm done. Fifteen minutes later, Zack won the battle when he pushed our daughter off the ladder…but she didn’t have the benefit of the water to break her fall, she fell on the wood steps of the deck. She scraped her leg up pretty good, and it took some time for us to get her calmed down. Both kids were promptly removed from the pool.

As soon as we got home, Diva went down for a much needed nap. Oh, by the way, my little Indian girl tanned right through her sunblock. She has a lovely little criss cross on her back now. Monkey’s cheeks were slightly pink, but this morning I can’t tell he got any sun at all. His eczema has returned with a vengeance on the backs of his legs, though…so I’m wondering if there was a different chemical in the pool water yesterday. Nanny’s pool doesn’t usually bother his skin. I’m out of Cetaphil after the last battle with eczema, and we only have a small amount of the steroid cream. I guess I’ll just have to use the Eucerin until I can get more Cetaphil, and hope the eczema patches don’t get much worse before I do.


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