War Wounds

Last night was VBS commencement…all went well, got lots of great pictures, I got a certificate from the director for helping out the days that I could be there, JB got his teacher certificate and spoke about his class. Monkey ate supper with his class, Diva “ate” supper with her class, and JB and I ate in his classroom with his friend, the pastor’s wife, and one of the youth group girls.

We were laughing and talking when I heard Diva’s teacher yell out my name. I dropped my plate on the table, and rushed to the door. I thought something was wrong with her, but I was immediately faced with someone putting my son into my arms. He was crying a lot, and I vaguely registered the blood on the hand he kept up by his face. I sat him down in the chair, he’s freaking out, people are hovering over me and my child…I pulled his hand away, and saw blood in his mouth, his nose…I had no idea where it was coming from. Somebody shoved a wad of wet paper towels at me, so I started wiping away blood. I ruled out his mouth all together, but it took some time for me to realize that the blood wasn’t coming from inside his nose…that’s how much he was bleeding.

During all this, I kept hearing people say the kids were all running, and Monkey collided with another boy’s elbow. Finally, the blood slowed down enough so I could see two small gashes on the outer edge of one nostril…so obviously it wasn’t an elbow. It was spaced like small teeth. When I said that, someone went and found the other kid (he’s 3) and he admitted that he’d hurt his mouth on Monkey’s face (I don’t think he bit him). He was fine, though. We kept an ice pack to his nose for a while, but by the time we got home the area was bruised and swollen. Not so much to interfere with his breathing, and once the bleeding slowed down I could tell the gashes really weren’t deep enough to require stitches. I looked at him as soon as I got home tonight…looks better. He says its just sore now. I hope it doesn’t scar, it’s in a pretty visible place.


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