Ah, life in a small town…

JB feels fine after his little fender bender the other night. He got the police report yesterday, and it had to be corrected. The first report had the description of the accident right, but the street names were different and stated that people were taken to the hospital. How they f’d that up I don’t know. Anyway, he finally got the correct report. They cited the 16 year old kid that hit him with failure to yield and no proof of insurance. JB says the kid didn’t stop, didn’t even slow down when he flew of the alley, and hit JB’s car.

What struck me as hilarious is the chaos that this little accident apparently caused. Someone called 911 just to get a police officer to the scene. Well, 3 police cars, 1 ambulance, and 1 firetruck showed up. Yeah, this is a small town…they must not have had anything else to do at the time.

The last couple days at work were rough. But I can tell my nerves are worn thin because everything the kids are doing today is irritating me. I almost had a stroke when Diva came traipsing into the kitchen with my camera, after having climbed into my desk to get it…my lens cap is loose, so she just pulled it off and was practically using the lens part of my camera as a pacifier. O.M.G. I cleaned and dried it off, stood her in time out, and tested the camera out…so far I can see any lasting damage. But I’m telling you, that camera is like my third child!

And then they go and do something cute…like right now, they are both piled up in Monkey’s bed watching ‘Ice Age’. They have the covers up to their chins and maybe, just maybe, they’ll fall asleep and let me collect myself a bit.


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