In need of a nap

Monkey has his first loose tooth! It’s one of the front teeth on the bottom, and it is just wiggling away. The new tooth has already cut through the gum behind it. He’s already asking how much money he’ll get from the Tooth Fairy for it.

I have to go to the pharmacy sometime after lunch. I talked to his pediatrician when he made rounds yesterday about his excema. Last time, the Cetaphil started clearing it up, and then when we added the steroid cream it was gone within a few days. I couldn’t really tell him which treatment worked the best at the time. Well, I’ve been using only Cetaphil for two weeks now, and the patches will look better for a day or two and then flare up again. We don’t have any more of the steroid cream…it was just a sample that our friend brought us from the dermatologist she works for. He told me that he would go back to his office and figure out what might be the best treatment for him. I checked at the pharmacy yesterday and he’d called in some Westcort cream and another cream that was a compounded formula that still had to be made…that’s why I have to get it this afternoon.

While I’m out, I might go ahead and drop of the papers, shot records, and registration fee for the daycare. Monkey’s been out of library books for almost two weeks, because I just haven’t felt like dragging both of them to the library, and try to simultaneously pick out his books and keep up with Diva. I also need to get to the grocery store. I have no idea when I’ll get to do all of this stuff, and squeeze in the Diva’s nap. I’m all about the naptime these days.


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