Oh Snap! An update.

Seems like I had a lot I wanted to write here, but now that I’m actually free to do so…my mind is essentially blank. So here’s a random sampling of whatever enters my mind in the next few minutes.

Diva’s latest saying is “Oh, Snap!” (as heard on both That’s So Raven and Chicken Little, and she pronounces it “Oh, Hunap!”)

Tonight, I told her “I Love You”….and was answered with a funny “You love ME!”

She pointed at the little embroidered flower on my scrub top a few hours ago, and called it a flower (well, actually she said “lower”). Please understand that I am one of the only people in the world who know that she is saying these things, because to everyone else it is just unintelligible chatter. She really doesn’t say things well…that bothers me a lot, and I hope that being around other children in daycare might help her with that some.

Monkey’s eczema is clearing up. Very slowly, but surely. The cetaphil/steroid mixture is working well on its own, but I will call the pharmacy tomorrow to check on the other steroid cream that they couldn’t get Friday. His tooth is still just wiggling around, showing no signs of coming out anytime soon. He freaks whenever one of us check it, thinking we are going to pull it out. I have no intentions of pulling it unless I have to…I have too many bad memories of having teeth pulled when I was a kid! Strings, doorknobs…don’t ask.

Oh! After 3 1/2 years of dating, my brother gave his girlfriend a promise ring Saturday. She showed it to me first thing when I saw her Sunday at my parents house. I’m not sure why a promise ring versus an engagement ring, but this is a big step for my non-committal brother.

I actually did a lot of scrapbooking over the weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve really done anything. I only worked on Monkey’s T-ball pictures…I’m planning on printing them at 8×8 and putting the pages in a separate album.


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