Back in the saddle

The tooth fell out Friday night. I was getting a little worried, because it wasn’t coming out and I REALLY did not want to pull it. He was in the kitchen eating some yogurt, and then just came out and said his tooth just fell out. He was so proud of that little tooth.

Hello Tooth Fairy

I had planned to take the kids over to my friend M.’s that day…but Diva woke up running a bit of a fever, and I didn’t want her to be around the baby. I hated to not go, because her older son had gotten so excited about playing with Monkey. Saturday, she was fine. Sunday, the kids went swimming at our friend’s house for a couple hours. When she came home, she felt warm but I brushed it off as just coming in from outside. I couldn’t find the thermometer at the time, but I gave her some Tylenol just in case. When she got up from a nap, her temp was 101.6. Yikes. She acted fine though…by the time she went to bed she was at 99.

Monday was the kids’ first day back at the daycare. Diva made it through 2 hours, and they called me at work to let me know she was back up to 101.8. I couldn’t leave work, so JB stayed home with her. She hovered around 99 – 100 all day. This morning, he called me at work (yet another day that I can’t leave) to tell me she was 102.4, so he was at the doctor’s office when it opened up. She has a mild infection in the right ear (BTW, both tubes are definitely out now) and her throat was red and irritated. The strep test was negative, so he gave her an antibiotic to cover the ear and the throat. No more fever the rest of the day, she’s just kinda clingy. I’ll probably keep her home with me tomorrow just in case.

Monkey is loving daycare. He went to the library for story hour today, tomorrow they have a field trip to see the movie Cars (this will be his 3rd time seeing it: once with us, once with JB’s best friend and their kids, and tomorrow) and Friday is an ice cream party.

I am going to see my doctor Friday morning. I’m having some pretty big issues, and I am hoping for just about anything but surgery!


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