Just awesome…

I went to the doctor this morning. Without getting too much into details, I was given three options: medication, ablation, or hysterectomy. For the time being, I chose the least invasive…medication. The doctor feels (and I agree) that I’m too young for the third option unless it’s absolutely necessary. The procedure of ablation personally scares me, although it is apparently very safe and effective…I just can’t wrap my head around it yet. In November, I suppose we will re-evaluate my situation, and decided where to go from there.
Two incident reports had to be signed this afternoon at daycare. TWO!

Apparently, Diva decided she felt more comfortable in the daycare today. So comfy she was back to her old self, bullying people around. The manager was watching her through the window once, and saw her just push a little girl, grab her toy, and played with it like it was hers all along. The little girl promptly bit my daughter’s arm.

M’kay. That was Incident Report #1.

Later in the day, she put a little boy in a headlock, pulled him out of the rocking chair, and then rocked herself in it like nothing happened. Ironically enough, the boy yanked her out of the chair, and bit her OTHER arm. And that, folks, was Incident Report #2.

So my child comes home, after just two full days in the daycare, with two incident reports under her belt and two bite marks on each arm. I hate that my kid was bitten twice…but dang, she started it!


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