Family Cookout

We got up this morning and headed for Dothan, to visit my aunt. She was having a cookout, and I haven’t seen her in at least a few years…not too long after my uncle died in 2002.

It was a long drive. Diva did quite well on the way there, falling asleep after about an hour. Monkey actually rode with my parents, and they said he talked the entire time 🙂 As soon as we got there, they put in to go swimming, so we got them both in their suits and swimmies. Monkey was immediately flying down the little water slide, which really surprised me. Diva wouldn’t leave the steps for a good long time, until she started feeling more comfortable with her cousin, who, BTW, we just met for the first time today! She’s such a cutie.

It was hot as fire all day, and JB stayed mostly in the screened in porch. I sat on the edge of the pool watching the kids, dangling my feet in the water, at least as long as I could stand it! By the time we were ready to leave my aunt’s house, Diva was pitching a total fit…but she really hadn’t gotten much naptime. We stopped by my cousin’s house, which was beautiful (and gave me lots of decorating ideas!), and then we headed home. Eventually both kids conked out, and I did too for a bit. It was about 8 pm before we got home.

Now everybody is in the bed except for me! Although I don’t know how much longer I’ll be awake…

Summer Fun


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