Bullets and Cannibalistic Toddlers

Sunday: I woke up in agonizing pain after falling asleep on the couch Saturday night. I was almost ready to call the doctor that very day and tell him to just schedule me for one of those surgeries we talked about, and I didn’t care about the burning one at all. JB tried his best to rub my back, but the pain felt so deep it didn’t help at all. A day spent popping pain meds and laying on my heating pad, and that afternoon I could finally move around some.

Monday: Decent day at work. Diva was good at daycare. No problems.

Tuesday: Happy 4th! We went to my parents house for lunch. I ate way too much and felt miserably full the rest of the day! That night, we went back over there to watch some fireworks. JB had some weird reaction to something; around his eyes was swollen and red. He took some Benedryl and we went to bed.

Independence Day

Today: JB called around 3 pm, and said he was leaving work early to go to the doctor…his eyes were getting more swollen and red. The doctor said he didn’t know what caused it, but it was some sort of reaction to something…he got a shot of steroids, and five days of prednisone. When I got home tonight, when he turned around to meet me, I literally gasped…he looked awful! It’s no longer just his eyes…it’s now his eyes, nose, cheeks, and some of his forehead. Red, puffy, some welping. He doesn’t believe it, but Mama and I both think it was something with the fireworks last night…he was handling them, he could easily have rubbed his eyes or face.

Oh, and Diva got into another ‘altercation’ at daycare today. Today’s incident report says that she and another girl were ‘fighting’ over a ride-on toy, and the girl bit her on the arm. Barely an inch above the place where she was bitten Friday. What the hell? Is my daughter in a room full of two year old cannibals?? This is three bites in 4 full days at daycare. Interestingly enough, today’s bite is the same size as one of last week’s bite, making me think it might be the same little girl. I have no way of knowing this, because they won’t tell you who the other child was. So frustrating.


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