Decorating Bug

I finally did something about our living room! I am so very tired of the country plaid couch that we have had for the last five years. I was also tired of the pale green slipcover that I have had on there for about three years (not just the color, I can never get it to fit right, and I’m constantly adjusting it). We can’t afford a new couch, but I wouldn’t buy one right now anyway…my children are too destructive. I can wash a slipcover! I’ve been looking at different covers and colors for months, trying to decided which direction I want to go.
Our living room walls are “chocolate milk”, as Monkey calls them! It’s a good way to describe it, but its a little lighter than that. Yesterday, I bought a two-piece, chocolate brown, micro suede slipcover. It fits our long couch perfectly! I also picked up two cranberry red dupioni silk pillows, and one teal dupioni pillow with red, brown, burnt orange, and gold mixed in a light floral pattern. We don’t have traditional end tables, because I’m too picky and can’t decide on any that I want…instead, I have two 3 legged round tables with glass tops. So yesterday, I bought matching table rounds to cover them with. I already have lamps with brown scroll bases and ivory shades. Once I got everything together, I pulled the couch away from the wall, so now the hallway is sort of extended to the door. I could never do that before because the old slipcover gaped open at the back. I LOVE it! J. even likes it, which surprised me…I was afraid he would think it was too dark.
I can’t afford to do the whole room at once, so I still have some stuff to do. I’m debating curtains…right now, it’s my old hunter green sheers. I’m trying to decide if I want chocolate brown or cranberry red curtains. I’m thinking about getting some red lampshades, to break up the brown a bit. I’m sure I can find lots of teal and burnt orange pieces to throw in the room. There is still the issue of the green recliner…but he loves it, so it has to stay.


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