Cannibal Toddler Strikes Again!

Geez. Another incident report this afternoon.

JB said this one detailed the events leading up to and immediately after BITE #4. Diva was playing with a toy, apparently minding her own business for a change. A child (they didn’t say boy or girl this time, I think they know I’m wondering if it’s the same little girl) tried to snatch the toy away from her. She pullled it back, and the child promptly bit her on the arm. My child’s forearms look awful right now, BTW, all these dang bites. So this time, it wasn’t my child’s fault.

I know there are some kids that are just biters. My mother kept 6 children in our home when I was young, and she had a biter. She said she would avert her eyes for just a second and that kid would take a chunk out of another kid. My children have never been biters…they are the ones who seem to always get bit. I just think it’s mighty interesting that three of these four bites all look exactly the same, and the kid bites her in the same place, on the forearm. There can’t possibly be that many biters in her room, and I’m really starting to think it’s the same little girl. I’m planning to call the daycare tomorrow, and talk to the manager. If it is the same kid, I want to know that something is being done about it. Four bites in less than 2 weeks is insane.

As much as I don’t want to teach my child to fight back, I am almost proud that she decked the kid right after she bit her. Close fisted, too…she may be the littlest one in the room, but she can take care of herself when the time comes.


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