Creative Like

I have spent today, doing laundry, cleaning out the kids’ closets, and tackling the horrendous “linen” (read, junk) closet in the hallway. I have finally finished that, after three hours. I just finished lunch, and now, I’m going to attempt to clean Diva’s room and get her toybox moved in there. Monkey’s room is awful, but I’m not even gonna start there today.

Tomorrow is back to work. Friday, we head to Florida for the weekend. A town that I have suddenly forgotten the name of…I want to call it Augustine but I know it’s not that…starts with an A and is near Lakeland and Winter Haven. My dad’s family reunion…should be interesting.
I did absolutely NOTHING yesterday. I just felt so exhausted. This week at work has been so busy. JB has spent every single night this week at the church, helping with the renovations in the sanctuary. I have barely seen him all week, since he tended to come home well after I had crashed into bed. I have been the only one dealing with the kids every night after getting off work. One of them, I won’t say who, (cough*Diva*cough) has been a complete terror all week long. He took them to daycare Friday morning, and after they left I collapsed back into bed for three more hours. Even after I woke up, I felt so drained, I mostly just laid on the couch.

Today, my mom and I went to Target…she never goes in there, so she was surprised at how much stuff I was finding there. I got my curtains, for all three windows. They are like a burgundy red, and they match the pillows that I got a couple weeks ago. I found a couple lampshades that were on clearance, and matched perfectly. As soon as I got home, I washed the curtains, and now they are hung…I’m so not used to color…they may take some time to grow on me. I absolutely LOVE the lampshades. I didn’t get the gallery type frames that I want, that’ll have to wait for the next paycheck!

I did get Diva the toybox that I have been eyeing for a couple weeks. Just a plain white box, but it has just the hinge that I have been looking for…so it won’t slam down on her fingers or anything. JB put it together in maybe 20 minutes. While I was walking through the aisles, I came across these little butterfly wallpaper cutouts. So I got them, and now that plain white box has pretty pink, green, and blue butterflies on it. Perfect! I still want to paint her name on the top piece. JB has been working on her big girl bed for a couple weeks now…the head and foot boards are made like picket fences. Too cute! I might try to stencil something on it…I’m not sure yet. I need to see it put together first. He has assured me that building her bed certainly won’t cost $1300 either, like similar ones we have seen! He’s been wanting to build a picket fence bed for a year, after he saw it in a Pottery Barn catalog.

Yeah. We try to be creative around here.


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