Road Rage/Family Reunion

We got home a couple hours ago. Long, long trip…made even longer by a cranky two year old screaming and hollering, probably the one kid in the country who doesn’t respond to benedryl by going to sleep. She slept maybe 10 minutes on the way there yesterday. Thankfully, both she and our son slept two hours on the way home today.

I drove most of the day yesterday. And if you happened to be in the line of 5 vehicles from Houston County…next time, RENT A VAN. Obviously, you were all together, one to two per car. I spent almost an hour just trying to get around these jokers…none of them could keep a steady speed, and if the front guy changed lanes, they ALL changed lanes, whether there’s someone there or not. I was *this* close to completely losing it with these people, and I finally saw my chance…the lane cleared, and I gunned it around all five of them and didn’t give any of them a chance to get back in front of me. When I talked to my mom later, she said they did the same crap to her too.

Oh, and the the a-hole in the red Toyota: you almost clipped the front of my car when you changed into my lane, lucky I saw you and was able to hit my brakes without getting slammed from behind. And you had the nerve to flip ME off when I honked at you? Back at ya, jerk. I don’t think JB has ever seen me quite like that before 😉

Anyway. Once we got checked in at the hotel, we spent forever deciding where to go eat. We went to Olive Garden, and came out fat and miserable. Trying to get Diva to stay out of my parents’ adjoining room was difficult enough, getting her to lay in the bed was even harder. I ended up sharing a bed with Monkey, JB shared with Diva. I heard them both snoring about twenty minutes later. I was not so lucky…Monkey wouldn’t shut up. When he finally went to sleep, he tossed and turned, and I woke up around 2 am about to fall off the bed. It took forever to fall back asleep, and then the next thing I know, my daughter is laying on my chest laughing. Um, okay…roll her over, go back to sleep. That was at 6:30 am. Daylight and Playhouse Disney woke me up at 8 am.

We finally got everybody together for breakfast at 10 am, at one of the most interesting McD’s I ever been to. From there, it was to Auburndale for the reunion…It was too hot to go outside and explore the place. We left about 3 pm. The kids both fell asleep pretty quick, for about two hours. I dozed off and on…but not enough! We made two stops, and I was so happy to see the Georgia line.

Winter Haven, FL
Winter Haven, FL


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