Gizmo and Molly

I’m ready for this week to be over. I ended up being charge on the whole floor all week long. I’ve never done it more than one day before.

Late yesterday afternoon, JB called me and told me that he was on the way to the vet with Gizmo. Apparently, two stray dogs wandered into our neighborhood, cornered Giz, and tried to maul him. Our neighbor (the one who didn’t care much for Zoey) heard the commotion, and came out with a bat; which she did have to use to get the dogs to let go of Gizmo…and use again when the dogs dropped the cat and tried to turn on her. The dogs disappeared, she took Gizmo inside and called JB. He spent the night at the vet, and amazingly, came home with just some scratches. I have yet to see him because he bolted out the front door when JB came home.

Sir Gizmo

We also have a dog, at least on a trial basis. Her name is Molly, and she is an almost 3 year old basset hound. Her family moved and was not able to keep her, and the lady that took her in already has four dogs. She is so sweet, she adores Monkey (and he loves her), and is supposed to be house trained. We haven’t tested this yet, because right now she desperately needs a good flea bath.

Meeting Molly


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