JoJo, It’s JoJo’s Circus!

Last night, we made a run to Wally World for last minute stuff for Diva’s party today. We were there forever, because we kept running into people we knew. I had cleaned house all day, and my back really didn’t feel great when we left. By the time we got home, I was desperate and took one of JB’s pain pills. Duh. It has hydrocodone in it…that and codeine make me completely wired. I was wide awake until 6:30 am, and then didn’t want to get up two hours later to get going on party stuff.

Needless to say, we were running behind getting everything ready. I was finishing up my makeup when people started arriving. Once everybody got there, we went ahead and had lunch and cake. Diva took forever and a day eating, so we were all waiting on her to play Pin the Nose on the Clown. Monkey “won” but I seriously suspect he could see under the blindfold. Then she opened up her presents…she got lots of good things, some clothes, a tea set, a baby doll and a crib, a jewelry box with a twirling ballerina, lots of ooo-wee’s to go in it, bunches of JoJo’s circus toys, a tiara and dress up set. She was absolutely in heaven. We then attempted the pinata. We spent some time last night converting it to a pull-string kit, so we didn’t have to worry about bats flying around. Well, Diva pulled the first string, and then my oldest nephew jumped in behind her and pulled the very string that would open the trap door, the little booger. Not everything fell out, and it was chaos trying to get the older kids to not pull every string before the younger ones could get a turn. Did NOT work out the way I planned!

Anyway. Everybody had fun. Our daughter had a blast. We all conked out about an hour after everybody left, and I woke up to ¬†freaking out because of thunder and lightening. Our power flickered off four times, but didn’t really go out until about 8 pm, and it stayed off for over an hour. Diva got a candlelight bath, and now she’s in bed. Monkey is heading back now, and Molly (the dog) has her blanket by his bed to sleep on. She slept there all last night, and did very well.

Big Top Birthday


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