Shopping for school

I’m off today, unusual for Thursday…but this afternoon is Monkey’s open house at school. I requested it off months ago, because I knew the day he would actually start school, and kinda figured open house would be the day before. Yesterday, I know at least three people were scrambling around trying to find somebody to work for them today so they could be off.

This morning, I’m planning to take my little man shopping. I got him a bunch of shirts a couple weeks ago…but jeans and shoes are another story. I have to have the kid with me for those. It helps that today kicks off the tax-free weekend…although I’m not crazy about the possible crowds.

It’s cloudy and yucky outside, and I woke up with a dull headache. I really hope this isn’t going to become a migraine day. Once we get home from everything, I seriously need to clean house…it’s still pretty much trashed from the birthday party. I was too tired to do it Saturday, my back bothered me a lot Sunday, and I have worked 12 hour shifts every day since. I have a meeting and a class tomorrow morning, and then I have an appointment to get my hair cut…although I’m really not sure what I want done to it. I’ve just let it get too long and it just hangs there, and I’m tired of it!

Open house at school went okay. I had kind of expected the whole crowded cafeteria or gym scene where the principal and teachers talk to the parents together, THEN meeting the teachers and finding the classrooms. That’s what happened last year. So we got there a bit early, and we followed the throngs of parents and kids to our hall. His classroom is all the way at the very end of the hall! It seemed to take forever for us to get there. His teacher seems to be very nice. We were the first of her class to visit. He has a daycare friend and a classmate from last year with him this time.
We stopped in the cafeteria where the PTO was selling the school supplies. I had not been able to find several things on that list, so I gave up and just decided to take the easy route and buy them today. JB came home and wrote Monkey’s name on EVERYTHING…give the guy a sharpie marker and he goes crazy with it. I filled out and signed a gazillion papers, his bookbag is packed up and we are set.

We ran into his Pre-K teacher…she has been moved to teach 4th grade this year. I hate that, because we loved her so much and we had really hoped that our daughter might get her when she goes to Pre-K. But hey, maybe Monkey will have her again in 4th grade! lol

This morning, I got him four pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes, a couple more shirts, and socks. One of the shoe pairs is a size 11 (what he’s in now), the other is a 12.5 (for him to grow into later). Jeans was an ordeal. Nothing fits him right! He is so slim, that even size 4 and 5 just hang off him…but they fit his height perfectly. If I go back to sizes like 4t or 5t, they fit perfect in the waist, but are way too short for him. All but one of the jeans I got today have the adjustable waist, so at least I can make them fit him.

I started cleaning when we got home from open house. I guess I got too hot, or something…it was rather warm in the house even with the fans running…but I took some toys back to Diva’s room, leaned over to put them down, and when I stood up I felt like I was going to pass out. I sat down quickly in her chair…JB walked by and saw me a minute later, looked at me and made me lay down. He said I was pale as a sheet and clammy. I slept on the couch for almost two hours after that! I still have the dull headache that I woke up with this morning…that may have had something to do with it.

Well…I’m going to try to finish up laundry and go to bed. Another long day tomorrow.

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