Monkey did okay with school Friday. His first comment about it? They didn’t get to play as much as he thought they would! I think he did better today. Heaven knows I did…I was a nervous wreck all day Friday worrying about my baby.

School Days

Diva’s “teacher” told me something that afternoon…instead of laying down for her nap, she sat on her mat and said her ABC’s, and when she was done with that she started saying months of the year. What? ABC’s I understand…she hears that enough between her brother and her fridge magnets. Months of the year?? Haven’t worked on that one with her. I really wondered if the teacher heard her right…but she said Diva was chanting “Janury, Feby, Mar, Abi, May…” okay. Her pediatrician keeps telling me that kids with “as much energy and fiestiness” as she tend to be really smart…I always laugh and tell him my child must be a freakin’ genius.

Feisty Girl

Off to bed…the pain medicine is kicking in. I really hadn’t had much pain since last Wednesday…in fact I felt mostly fine. I started wondering if I should cancel my appointment Friday with the doctor. Well, by the end of the shift today, my back was aching…by the time I got home, my back was killing me and my legs even hurt. A hot bath and a couple of pain pills later, I feel a little better. I am so ready for this crap to be over with!


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