Poor kid!

I have felt like crap all day long. My temperature has hovered at 99 all day…I usually run like 96…so to me, that’s kinda feverish. Full moon, though, so nobody was going anywhere today.

JB had to take Diva to the doctor this morning. She woke up cruddy and coughing. The verdict is early bronchitis. We have antibiotic and cough medicine. She wasn’t coughing last night, so I was kinda surprised…sitting at the table with her at dinner tonight was almost heartbreaking. She coughed so hard her little face turned red and her eyes teared up.
I have no idea what to do with her tomorrow…the ped said as long as she’s not running fever, she can go to daycare, especially since she will have been on antibiotics for a full day. I really don’t want to send her, but I can’t take her to the doctor with me. I don’t know what all he is planning to do or test for, and keeping up with her while I am wearing a paper gown and a sheet might be a little difficult.

The funny thing is…the cough medicine apparently makes her completely drunk! She had her head on my shoulder until just a minute ago, and I thought she was asleep…well, she raised her head up and looked at me. But it was the goofiest look I have ever seen…I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she gave me the silliest grin.


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