At least I know I'm not crazy…

I saw my doctor this morning. Actually, I am not really having a lot of pain today…so I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t find anything wrong and think I am a total hypochondriac. Before the exam, he was talking to me about my pain, exactly how long I’ve been having it, where it is, yada yada. And then he shocked me by asking me if I had seen an orthopedic doctor before.

Well, of course I haven’t seen an orthopedic doctor. Why would I? I started wondering if he even remembered the last time I was there, at which time he said he thought my uterus was tilted, which was causing my pain and bleeding issues. It was then that I had to choose between pills, horrendous ablation, or hysterectomy. Granted, he had been on call the night before and delivered several babies, and I could see that day he was tired.

Anyway. I refrained from screaming at him, and said No, I’ve never seen an orthopedist. He then asked would I be willing to see one if his exam today didn’t show anything. It was at that point that I had the feeling like he really didn’t expect to find anything wrong with me…but I told him that he found nothing today that I would definitely see another doctor…whatever would help the pain stop.

Okay. On to the exam. It seemed pretty uneventful, until he pushed on one certain area of my stomach and I literally almost arched off the table. Holy #^$%! He didn’t say anything, and I was still trying to recover from that as I was led to the ultrasound room. The result of that wasn’t what I expected, at all…but something was found.

The ultrasound went on for at least 30 minutes, maybe more. Left ovary, fine. This one is the usual culprit when I have cysts. Uterus…not as tilted as he had thought. Some thickening, he’ll come back to that. Right ovary…nowhere to be found. Huh? More looking…still no right ovary, but an interesting little area that he said may be a fibroid (could quite possibly cause heavy bleeding, back pain, etc). Back to the uterus: I may possibly have adenomyosis, which is kinda like endometriosis, but just affects the lining of the uterus (again, could cause pain and bleeding). Only way to really know for sure and cure it is hysterectomy. Back to the search for the missing ovary…well, he still never saw what he could be sure was my ovary, which completely baffles me. I haven’t seen it on ultrasound since my last pregnancy, but it was definitely there then.

Today’s ultrasound is a freebie, he said, but he scheduled me for an official ultrasound at the hospital August 18. Primarily, he wants them to determine fibroid, adenomyosis, and hopefully find my MIA ovary. Once he gets the results of that ultrasound, he will go ahead from there…some kind of surgery is very likely, he’s just not sure if it will be a laporascopy, myomectomy, or a hysterectomy.

Hmm. I’m not quite sure what to think. It was not anything that I expected, and yet I’m almost glad he found something…at least now I know I’m not looney, there is SOMEthing there causing my pain.


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