My life, in bullet points

I haven’t updated in a while, and to just write everything out would take forever. So I’ll just do a quickie update.

  • I worked Monday and Tuesday…busy busy busy. Lots of pain Tuesday.
  • Diva was bitten again Wednesday…#8 for anyone playing along. Different kid this time, and she did hit her first.
  • Monkey brought home his first bit of homework Wednesday, with no clue how to do it. We just made him copy the words, and apparently the whole thing was a “test” to see how well the kids listened. My kid, of course, did not listen.
  • Thursday was also a rough day at work. Enough said.
  • Friday, I went in for my ultrasounds. There is a fibroid. The right ovary is there, afterall, just hard to locate for some reason. Uterus is retroverted almost 90 degees. There was a mention of proliferative endometriosis. Of course, it still has to be read by a radiologist to be official.
  • I took Diva in for her 2 year checkup after the ultrasounds. Hemoglobin 10.9, gotta get that rechecked in 3 months. She got the Hep A vaccine, which she did not appreciate. All else was fine. She weighs 25.5 lbs, and she is 32 inches tall.
  • We discussed her speech as well. I told him that I don’t think she has as large a vocabulary as he says 2 year olds should have…and that most of what she says is unintelligible except to me. I did tell him that she is making more of an effort with her words since she has been in daycare. She’s up for a re-evaluation in 3 months, unless her speech just explodes before that time. He says right now, he’s okay with 30 to 40 words, as long as 3/4 of it is understandable to me and her Daddy.
  • I took her to Target afterwards to spend the gift card she got for her birthday…an outfit, a pair of sneakers, some boots, and a pair of dressy shoes. Yes, I went a bit over the gift card amount.
  • Today, I have mostly been sitting in my chair, with my trusty heating pad to my back. I’m just biding my time until I hear from my doctor Monday or Tuesday. He told me last week that some surgery is very likely…just not sure which one. I, personally, just want it ALL out.
  • Since I’m not doing much physically, I have gotten a lot of scrapbook pages done.

That’s it so far.


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