Kids are my life…

We went yesterday afternoon to meet with Monkey’s kindergarten teacher. We went a little early so that we could drop by the book fair that was going on and pick him up a few new books. I mostly wanted to meet with the teacher to find out if there were any specific areas that we should be working on with him, but she said he is really doing very well in most everything. The main thing she has noticed is the same thing we have…he has trouble making certain sounds. I wonder how much of that has to do with him being born tongue-tied? (and now that makes me worry about Diva, his was fixed, hers wasn’t) She said that his handwriting is among the best in the class, and that he is well behaved. And as if we didn’t already know this about him, she said he is a very sweet little boy…he tells her some days that she looks pretty.

JB was home sick Monday, with what was apparently a virus and a sinus infection. Last night I noticed my ear was aching, and today both ears hurt and I have a sore throat. Monkey seems to be fine…so far! Diva has had a slightly runny nose (all clear) for a week, along with a little cough. I’m thinking I may either call the doctor or take her in tomorrow, mostly because of the cough.

She’s not been sleeping well at all this week, and I’m not sure if it’s related to her being a little under the weather or if she’s having nightmares. Sunday night, JB got up with her because she had gotten out of bed at 2 am and was screeching and pounding on her door; he put her back to bed and she was fine. Monday around midnight, I heard her wake up and start crying, and I laid down beside her in the bed for a while. She would not say a single word to me, and I could tell she was so very sleepy…her eyes would close, and then she would open them again to make sure I was still there. And she had one hand wrapped so tightly in my hair, I wasn’t going anywhere! She woke up again last night, and I listened to see if she would stay awake or not…she went on back to sleep on her own.


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