And here we go again

Well, Diva had an awful night. She barely slept much at all, and this morning, she slept until 10 am…and even then, I had to wake her up. That’s very unlike our little early bird. The cough was much worse, so I called to get her an appointment to see the doctor. The earliest I could get her in was 11:30, that’s why I let her sleep so long! The verdict is just an upper respiratory infection, and he said if it was summer he probably wouldn’t give her an antibiotic…she could probably kick this on her own normally. But with the weather being so crazy, hot one day, cold the next, he didn’t want to take the chance of it getting down in her chest. He gave her an antibiotic, and there’s a nebulizer on hold at the pharmacy if we need it. I hope we don’t, it’s been months since she has needed one of those.

The bad thing is, she’s missing the Halloween party at her daycare today.


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