Migraines Suck!

Busy weekend! Yesterday morning, we took the kids to Mark’s. It was cold!!! The kids had a lot of fun, running through the maze, picking out their own pumpkins from the patch. I was disappointed because the hayride wasn’t running, but there’s always next year. We got three pumpkins, and so far have only had time to carve one of them!

Pumpkin Patch

Last night, the kids stayed with their grandparents, and we went to Phobia at Wild Adventures, with some friends. I’m not one for the rides and rollercoasters, especially if they go upside down for any length of time. This one was rough enough, but Hangman pretty much took me out! From where we were, I didn’t see the twisty turns that go upside down several times, and ha ha…none of them told me, either. They probably knew I would have said, “See ya when you get off!” I literally felt something pop once in my neck, and getting off the thing I felt a little dizzy…for the next two hours I saw funky spots and I had a bit of a headache the rest of the night. Didn’t stop us from going through a couple more rides and the haunted houses…and now I have a feeling H. and I will be forever teased about us running from the guy with the shovel.

My neck was sore and my head still hurt a little this morning when we got to church. But I really think it was the smell of someone’s perfume that set off the migraine that I came home with. We went to the grocery store right after church, and while putting all that away the kitchen started spinning…after leaning on the fridge a minute, the world slowed down enough for me to take my migraine medicine. And then it was bye-bye, Stacey, see you in a few hours! I haven’t had to take that stuff in months.

Obviously, I’m halfway back in the land of the living…just a dull headache now, but I can at least function now, and deal with Diva. We are missing music night at church, but she’s still a little under the weather, and this morning she was a little nightmare.


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