Getting Back To Normal

Another busy week!

Tuesday morning, I went in for my 6 week post-op visit. Everything is mostly healed, enough that I can pretty much get back to normal. There is still one other little issue that I am dealing with, but hopefully that won’t be for long.

And of course, that night, we took the kiddos trick or treating! Monkey was dressed as Mr. Incredible, and Diva was reluctantly dressed as JoJo. My son is at the age where he loves everything about Halloween, but my daughter? She hated every single thing about her costume, and only her ‘Unca Geg’ could convince her to wear her hat!


Wednesday, I went back to work! Thankfully, I had a pretty good day…there were a few little things that had slipped my mind, and there were a few times that some of my coworkers gave me some funny looks. But by Friday, everything had pretty much come back to me and I felt like I was back in my old routines again.


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