Halo Temporarily Out of Order

Our daughter is running around the house, constantly repeating the name “Kasey Kahne”. Her speech is still difficult to understand most of the time, and it comes out as “Kakee Kay”.

She’s holding a Jimmie Johnson matchbox car. Go figure.
It’s probably my fault. I’ve got the sinus headache from you-know-where, and I admit I haven’t exactly been on top of things today. I really and truly thought that she was in her brother’s room with him, until her daddy came in from the garage and asked me where she was. We both went back to Diva’s room, she wasn’t there. She wasn’t in her room. She wasn’t in our room. She wasn’t in the bathroom trying to empty out the drawer. We were both starting to get a little freaked out.

The little diva quietly walked out of the laundry room (yep, Daddy walked right by her and never saw her!) and her face was covered with lipstick that she had dug out of my purse. The lipstick itself had obviously been chewed, so I just threw it away…at least it wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t think we would ever get all the lipstick off her face, but the really yucky part was getting it out of her teeth!

Her shirt says “My halo is temporarily out of order’. I think it fits.


We took the kids to the fair last night…well, actually, the Demolition Derby part of it. We haven’t gotten brave enough to do the rest of the fair experience with the kids because of how crazy it gets there. The first time we went to the derby was a couple years ago, before Diva came along…we took Monkey at the suggestion of a friend, and he loved every minute of it.

I really wasn’t sure how our daughter would react to it…she’s so unpredictable. Surprisingly, she did pretty good, she only pitched a minor fit when the guys went to find a bathroom. The whole thing was interesting, cars getting banged up, some catching on fire. Even Diva loved it.


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