Clearly, the nap’s not happening.

Now I have to go get her more to drink. Her cup is empty, and she is singing a little song she made up to let me know it…”I want more, I want more, It’s all gone, It’s all gone.” The tune she is singing it to is Frere Jacques…but I think the song they sing at daycare is “Where is Thumbkin”. Kinda cute, actually.

I have made three attempts to put Diva down for a nap.

The first time, she pitched a total fit so I figured she just wasn’t as tired as I thought, and I let her get up.

The second time, just minutes after I put her down, the neighbor started up with her lawn mower and then her leaf blower.

The third time, she just decided she didn’t want to sleep, got up, and opened her door and played in the hallway.

This is the first time she has ever managed to turn the doorknob and open a door. Oh, crap. That was an hour ago, and she still shows no signs of wanting to nap.


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